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Living in Texas often comes with sharing your outdoor space with mosquitos and other annoying insects. We utilize patented technology to eliminate these pests on a continued basis. We provide the installation and ongoing maintenance of outdoor misting systems in both commercial and residential applications. About Mosquito Misting A mosquito misting control system utilizes pressure pump technology to spray a fine botanical insecticide around the perimeter of your outdoor area. A series of spray nozzles will be setup every 10-15 feet around your outdoor perimeter to create a mosquito free zone. The main control unit can come equipped with a traditional tank or an innovative tankless control system. The control unit’s electronic controller can be fully customized to spray to your preference. We usually recommend a 30-60 second spray around dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. The controller is Wi-Fi capable, allowing adjustment on the fly from a mobile device. The fine mist drifts through the property and eventually lands on the landscape, killing any mosquitoes that come into contact with the spray and discouraging the mosquitos’ future habitation.

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